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There Are Always Exceptions


In preparation for the Apple iPhone announcement, Apple has updated their store on Apple.com with the infamous “We’ll Be Back Soon” post-it note block page. As a fanboy, nothing whets my appetite for new excuses to spend money than this visual. As a marketer, it brings up a very important fact. For as much as we spend time trying to make sense of results, create order in testing plans, and achieve best practices, there will always be exceptions.

There is not one marketer worth their weight in iTunes gift cards that would recommend taking down an entire e-commerce store for hours on purpose. Yet, Apple does it multiple times a year and it works.

So take this as a lesson. Don’t just listen to webinars on best practices or read whitepapers on sure-fire ways to convert. Use them as a starting point but always consider the outside chance that rules can be broken.