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These 7 Click Summit Alums Have Open A/B Testing Jobs Right Now – May 2019


Back at it again with our monthly post of A/B testing jobs. It’s May, so that means we’re still coming down from all the excitement that was Click Summit 2019.

In fact, to be honest, I don’t think we’re quite ready to let go of it yet. So this month we’re highlighting optimization jobs at companies who have attended Click Summit. That also means, should you be interested in any of these opportunities, we might know a few people that can help you get your foot in the door (give us a shout if so!).

Looking to hire professionals in testing, personalization, product management, data science, analytics or UX design? Let us know and we’ll include it in next month’s post.

Capital One is hiring a Data Scientist focused on testing & optimization.

This position is based out of either its McLean, VA office or its office in NYC. Capital One boasts a different sort of atmosphere than your typical financial institution. In this role, you won’t be siloed in the lab, but instead partner closely with Software Engineers, Product Managers and business stakeholders to build state-of-the-art speech recognition in noisy environments, build models and derive insights from customer interactions and enable products that help customers complete tasks via natural language conversation. Read the full job description / apply here.

Ancestry is hiring a Senior Product Analyst focused on A/B Testing to work out of its Lehi, UT office.

Benjamin Huppertz (far left) and Eric Allen (far right) oversee website conversion optimization at Ancestry.

If you love diving into massive datasets, but also want the opportunity to shape the vision and strategic role of Product Analytics, this may be the role for you. More here.

Walmart Labs is looking for a passionate and experienced professional to join its data science team.

In this role, you’ll be focused on customer acquisition and retention, so if you are fluent in SEM, SEO, CRM and display advertising data, (in addition to Python, R, Scala, Java, C/C++…etc) then this may be your moment to shine. Example projects include building models that predict ad revenue per click, customer purchase propensity and/or churn rate. Learn more here.

OkCupid is hiring a Senior Technical Product Manager.

In this role, you’ll not only oversee OkCupid’s product vision and strategy, road-mapping, goal setting, A/B testing and testing roadmap, competitive analysis, analytics and spec writing BUT it sounds like you’ll also be responsible for removing productivity barriers, and serve as an internal resource for team leaders when they have questions about the product roadmap, platform integrations, launch schedules etc. Whew! Sounds fun, right? We thought so, too. Swipe right on this role.

Lowes is hiring someone to manage its e-commerce personalization program.

Kenya Davis (pictured) is the A/B Testing & Optimization Manager at Lowes.

In this role, your raison d’etre will be to lead both personalization and optimization roadmap and analysis. This means you’ll be leading a team of analysts and do on-going web behavior analysis via a variety of data sources to provide strategic recommendations for personalization and testing. More here.

Another data science position–this time at PayPal!

In this role, you’d be joining a team of world-class problem solvers with a passion for data insights, relentless focus on execution and extensive expertise in experimentation and personalization (cue: ooh’s and ahh’s).

This one seems like a pretty typical testing job. Your duties will include: executing tests and initiatives and building best practices for test execution; driving the ideation of experiments that make a positive impact; creating a knowledge base of test hypothesis and outcomes (psst we have some thoughts on that…); providing technical guidance on experimentation technologies, and developing experiment dashboards. Read more.

Finally, Change Healthcare is hiring a Product Manager focused on Experimentation.

In this role, it sounds like you’ll manage the program, the platform and the results. You will be a champion of accuracy, alignment and communication. If phrases like “testing governance,” “cross-functional collaboration” and “ensuring accuracy” make your heart go pitter patter, this may be the role for you. Read more.