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Track Social Media Traffic Like White On Rice With Google Analytics


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If you have a website that you’re marketing traffic to, social media traffic is probably becoming a major player.  What I’m about to walk through is very simple.  However, if I’m not making sense, you’ll be able to find many sources out there that can explain this as well.

There are a few ways to track social media traffic.  One way is to create a social media traffic profile.  This is great because it allows for an easy and clean analysis of social traffic activity on your site.  The other is to create an advanced segment for social traffic within your main profile.  Although this makes it harder to see just social traffic activity on your site, it allows you to easily compare social traffic with other traffic sources such as cpc, direct, etc.

So here comes my attack of images.  I hope you like visuals more than just text.

Let’s start with creating a simple social media traffic only profile.  So again, our goal is to create a profile that shows activity on your site generated from social media traffic only.

Let’s add a profile.

Let’s add a filter.

Create a filter and in the Field A->ExtracA field, make sure you use “|” as a separator.  In the Output field, make sure to call select ‘Campaign Medium’ and label it whatever you want.  I just keep it simple with “Social Traffic”.

Exclude all other traffic sources.  Keep out the unwanted.

Let’s move onto the second option of creating an advanced segmentation.  This is very simple.

Just drag and drop the ‘source’ field into the shown spot, select ‘Matches regular expressions’ and again enter in the social media sites as before and separate out using “|”.

Now, just go back to the main profile page and click on the button at the upper right to find your new custom segment. Bam!

So now you know.  Hopefully you learned something and can apply the above to better track your social media traffic.  If you didn’t… I hope you enjoyed the images at least.

Until next time.