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Walmart is the Latest Retailer to Offer a Personalized Online Shopping Experience


Big news for Walmart – and no, it doesn’t have anything to do with yodeling.

Last week, the retail giant announced a major redesign of their website. The new Walmart.com, which is slated to roll out in early May, will feature a cleaner, more modern design, a new color palette, icons, fonts and many other visual changes.

However, the most significant change comes from within: Walmart’s new site will offer a more personalized shopping experience for its customers.

Personalization is the practice of optimizing your online experience based on a customer’s individual behaviors, needs, likes and dislikes. It requires applying behavioral psychology, statistical models and machine learning to thousands of data points. Thanks to new personalization technologies like Dynamic Yield and Evergage (among others), more and more enterprise companies are looking to personalization to increase conversions and drive a better brand experience.

For Walmart, the new site will recommend new, best selling or seasonal products based on the categories a customer has been buying or browsing. It’ll use geo-targeting to show items that are trending in a user’s location. Additionally, customers will be able to see what services or special promotions are available in their specific location.

In rolling out this new experience, Walmart joins the ranks of other online retailers using personalization to drive sales—among them Amazon.com, and niche players like Stitch Fix, Wayfair and Best Buy.

But personalization is not just for retail. In fact, for any enterprise company facing plateauing-results despite already optimizing their digital experiences, personalization can offer a means of winning more business by delivering a hyper-targeted customer experience.

At Brooks Bell, we’re helping enterprise-level companies (including Barnes and Noble, Chick-fil-A, Microsoft and more) improve the performance of their website, and deepen their understanding of their customers.

Our Personalization Jumpstart program enables our clients to build and scale their own personalization strategies, using a unique process that can be implemented in its entirety or a la carte. 

5 Steps to a Personalized Web Experience with Brooks Bell

  1. Align: Brooks Bell’s consultants evaluate the objectives of your users in the context of your company’s goals, success metrics, structure and existing technologies. Then, we develop customized growth plan with advice for execution and implementation.
  2. Discover: Our team of analysts reviews your data resources and identifies gaps in how you collect, store, merge and surface information. Then we develop statistical models, either in-house or by utilizing the tools and technologies you already have.
  3. Build: Personalized experiences built from statistical models only work if they target the right type of customer–and avoid the wrong ones. Once we identify your optimal users and their needs, we work to profile their attributes to gain a true understanding of the people behind your data, and build strategies based on those insights.
  4. Validate: At this stage, we bring in our full-service optimization team to ideate, build, launch, analyze your personalization experience. Our company is rooted in experimentation and our ability to validate our work— whether they are experiences, algorithms or a combination of both—is second to none.
  5. Launch: Finally, we work to scale your personalization efforts, measuring the impact of each test to confirm that as an experience changes, so does the desired outcome from that user interaction.  By doing so, we identify the most simplistic and manageable set of experiences that optimize your return on investment.

If you’re interested in learning more about Personalization Jumpstart or any other Brooks Bell service, contact us today.