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What does Uncle Jesse have to do with landing pages?


When developing landing page optimization, think of ‘Full House.’ Sure, it was one of those special TV shows that became part of the feel-good Friday night tradition for millions of American families, before the prominence of social media and online entertainment entered our lives. But what does Uncle Jesse have to do with developing a better landing page program? You may be surprised. The Tanner family can teach us more than you realize about successful testing.

Think of Uncle Jesse…  He’s one of the most memorable characters on the show for a reason. Uncle Jesse knew how to be cool and look good doing it. He knew when he said “Watch the hair!” that looks matter. Directing your online audience to a well-designed landing page can often be more effective in achieving conversions than directing them to your website. Design, like all things aesthetic, is unique to everyone. What you think looks great may not be what users like best – that’s why testing is so important.

Think of Danny Tanner…  Two words come to mind for Danny: neat freak. While there’s no need to take the dust buster to the vacuum cleaner, it is vital to make sure your landing pages are well-organized and free of debris. That means checking them often, well after implementation, for mistakes or clutter on the front end and in the back end. It’s never OK to sweep things under the rug, so check your HTML as carefully as you proof-read copy.

Think of Uncle Joey…  Uncle Joey was the go-to guy for fun. He knew how to make you smile. You may look back now and find his impersonations a little silly, but he did manage to hit America’s funny bone a time or two. Just as ‘Full House’ wouldn’t have been complete without Uncle Joey’s comedic contributions, your landing page also needs a bit of fun. In both copy and design, it’s important to remember that users do want to accomplish their goal; they also want an enjoyable experience.

Think of DJ…  D.J. was the picture perfect pupil and her report card always reflected her hard work. Online optimization is an ever-moving target and you have to do your homework to know what you’re aiming at. Perhaps iterative testing on your landing page could help improve click-through-rate or conversion. It’s important to take a magnifying glass to your analytics – study hard and study often.

Think of Stephanie…  Stephanie’s character changed a great deal from her pony-tailed days of “How rude!” to her controversial introduction to teenage smoking. The best lesson we can learn from her is to be prepared to learn as you grow. As your business and website grow, you have to be prepared to adapt to the changing environment. Maybe you won’t hit your target number of conversions in your first attempt at testing, but you learn valuable information about what appeals to your audience as you test.

Think of Michelle…  We all know that Michelle’s super-cute factor was the result of the director’s ability to choose between Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen on the day of filming. It was A/B testing at its best. And we always found her character adorable because whichever Olsen twin the director chose to work with was ready and able to do a great job. Give yourself the same option – why assume Landing Page A works best if you can test it against Landing Page B to find out for sure? You might be surprised to find out B is a better solution, or you might receive confirmation that your assumption was correct. Either way, you’ll know for sure instead of guessing.

So before you start a new optimization program, think of Uncle Jesse, Danny Tanner, Uncle Joey, DJ, Stephanie and both Michelles. A successful landing page program isn’t as simple as a 30-minute episode, but it can be an extremely valuable addition to the cast of characters in your testing plan.