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These 8 Companies Need Your Optimizely Skills


In honor of Opticon19 coming up in few short weeks, this month’s “Who’s Hiring” post highlights companies that are looking to hire professionals with experience using Optimizely.

Conversion rate optimization conferences, like Opticon and Click Summit, are great for both continued learning and making connections with other professionals in optimization and A/B testing. These connections can come in handy when you’re looking to hire new people, or considering making a career jump. With Opticon19 coming up in a few short weeks, we thought we’d give you a heads up on companies looking for people with in-depth knowledge of Optimizely.

Cars.com – Senior Website Optimization (A/B Testing) Analyst

Chicago-based Cars.com is looking for Senior Optimization Analyst to join the marketing team and support the optimization and A/B testing function for their online sites.

Source: Cars.com / Glassdoor

Based on the description, it sounds like Cars.com’s optimization program is in its early stages, which can be exciting for people with an entrepreneurial bent.

In this role, you’d be responsible for improving conversion rates via creating, managing and implementing a test-and-learn strategy. You’ll own the A/B testing roadmap and lead the execution of it, working cross-functionally. They specifically list Optimizely as their preferred testing tool and Adobe Analytics as their preferred analytics software.

Read more and apply.

Brooks Bell – Various Positions

If you’re into the idea of helping many different companies unleash the power of their data, and build and scale their optimization programs, then perhaps consider applying for one of our open positions.

As an enterprise conversion rate optimization consultancy, we’re experts in all major A/B testing and analytics platforms, Optimizely included. We also happen to be hiring for a bunch of roles, including:

I’m biased but I think Brooks Bell offers the best kind of working environment: One that’s focused on providing excellent work-life balance, optimizing every day and building a close-knit, family-type of culture. Because, if you have to spend most of your adult life at work, you should at least enjoy what you’re doing and the people around you. If this sounds up your alley, read more on our website.

Starz – Product Manager, A/B Testing

Starz is looking for a data-driven, detail-oriented product manager to lead A/B testing and optimization efforts across platforms, including web, mobile and TV.

In this role, you’ll own the A/B testing and optimization roadmap, and be charged with maximizing conversions across the customer lifecycle and maximizing engagement.

They’re looking for someone who has 4-6 years experience in a product role and is an expert in multivariate testing methods (they specifically list Optimizely or Firebase). More here.

Docusign – Senior Product Manager, eSign Ecommerce Experimentation, Analytics and Data

Docusign is looking for a senior product manager with a customer-centric approach to data, analytics and experimentation and technical experience with data backend infrastructure.

You’ll be charged with building a framework for how Docusign instruments and analyzes the eSign product experience, Ecommerce customer journeys and experiments–specifically for individual and small business customers. 

Source: Docusign / Glassdoor

Applicants should be prepared to speak to their experience in creative product thinking, passion for having a tangible impact on the business and our customers, and their ability to use data to identify opportunities and influence organizations. If that sounds like you, read more and apply online.

Pandora – Manager, Global Digital Testing & Optimization

Pandora (the jewelry retailer, not the music streaming service) is hiring a Manager of Global Digital Testing & Optimization to lead testing and optimization across the company.  

They’re looking for someone with a background in e-commerce and 4-8 years of analytical, testing or optimization experience. You’ll need in-depth knowledge of Monetate, Optimizely, Maxymiser and Optimize 360. They also want someone who can write JavaScript, CSS and HTML code. 

The job description is jam-packed with details and deliverables like establishing and optimizing a global testing process, training global and regional leads as well as doing the hands-on, day-to-day set up and management of tests. If all of that sounds like fun, you should definitely consider this opportunity.

Rothy’s – Product Manager

Practical-yet-stylish shoe company, Rothy’s, is looking for someone to help them lead feature development and lead the creation of a best-in-class experience for their customers.  Here are some of the necessary requirements:

  • Minimum of 3+ years of product management experience, with a background in user and systems feature development
  • Background in managing and using software like SAP, Shopify, UserTesting, Optimizely and more
  • Solid understanding of how to identify, measure and grow key metrics
  • Proven delivery of impactful customer and business features across application and platform systems
  • Experience managing the feature development process – you know how to make things happen
  • Comfortable monitoring and adapting to new information and data

I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention that their office is dog-friendly, and they list a shoe allowance as one of the perks of working at Rothy’s. Apply on LinkedIn.

Express – Senior Optimization Analyst

Express is hiring a Senior Optimization Analyst based out of the Columbus, OH headquarters. There’s not a ton of information or context listed in the job description, but it sounds like your typical A/B testing job.

They’re looking for someone with 5+ years e-commerce A/B testing across websites and mobile apps, 3+ years experience using web analytics and generating reports, proficiency using tools like Optimizely, Adobe Target, Maxymiser, Monetate, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Webtrends etc. Read more and apply here.

Macy’s – Manager, Marketing Systems

In this role, you’d be responsible for driving marketing technology solutions, capabilities delivery and business support in marketing, web and app analytics and experimentation.

Based on the job description, it sounds like this role takes you out of the day-to-day execution of A/B tests and into owning the technology itself. 

Macy’s ideal candidate is a strong analytics leader with hands-on experience building and supporting analytics and data solutions. The company is looking for someone with 4+ years of experience implementing web and mobile app analytics tools, 3+ years of experience with tag management tools, hands-on experience in JavaScript, HTML, CSS and SQL, and familiarity with business intelligence and A/B testing tools, including Optimizely.  Read more here.