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Top Takeaways from Click Summit 2019

Access insider tips from conversion rate optimization experts and leaders from big brands.

Click Summit is the premier event for conversion rate optimization leaders at enterprise brands. Every year, experts in A/B testing, analytics, UX, personalization and website optimization convene for a series of small group conversations about trends dominating the industry and challenges they’re facing.

2019 marked the tenth anniversary of Click Summit, and wow, how the industry has changed since the first Click Summit in 2009. But while many of the Click Summit topics are different, a surprising number of those same challenges from 2009 still exist: getting executive buy-in, optimizing across channels, personalization, and leveraging data, user research and behavioral economics to build a strong optimization strategy, to name a few.

This year, as we do every year, we’ve compiled the key takeaways from each conversation at Click Summit 2019 into an easy-to-read, downloadable resource.

Download the Clickaways from Click Summit 2019 to learn tips, tricks and strategies for:

  • Securing and retaining buy-in for testing from executives, as well as cross-functional teams such as product, IT, marketing and analytics.
  • Navigating optimization challenges in regulation-heavy industries such as financial services
  • Testing in B2B and in other lead-gen focused industries
  • Unifying your customer data to enable personalization

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