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Managed Testing Services

Complete A/B testing program management.

Put your website in the hands of experts who live and breathe optimization.

“Testing? That’s easy.”
– no one ever.

Buy a tool and launch a bunch of tests. Simple, right? Not so much.

It turns out, testing done right—that is, experimentation that drives real value for your business—is difficult. It requires resources and strategy, a sharp understanding of your customers, and expertise in things like UX, behavioral economics, psychology, statistics and data science. And if you’re just starting out with optimization, all of that can be a tall order.

Companies that hire us as their A/B testing agency benefit from being able to quickly increase conversions on their site. This not only leads to increased conversions and growing website revenue, but also proves the value of having a dedicated testing program.

Why choose Brooks Bell?

We have over 15 years of experience running conversion rate optimization initiatives for major brands. Our approach to optimization prioritizes revenue over conversion: we focus on tactics that generate the most value for your business, rather than just a percentage increase in conversion. 

While many of our clients come to us because of our experience, they stay with us because of the quality of our work, the flexibility we offer and the speed at which we generate value. 

How it works

First, we match you with a specialized team of consultants. Then, we get to work: learning your business and your customers, organizing your data and building a strategy, launching tests, and analyzing and reporting results.

Through all of this, we focus on communication, alignment, and continuous iteration. We promise both quick wins and meaningful insights about your customers.

Over the last five years, we’ve driven $1B+ in revenue for our clients, with a win rate that’s 2X the industry average.

Our end-to-end testing process

  1. Planning, Strategy & Ideation
    Our cross-functional team dives into your analytics and data from any previous tests, and conducts qualitative research to build. All of this is used to build a strategy for testing and prioritize test ideas to meet your business goals.
  2. Concepting, Development & Set Up
    As our analysts determine the specific parameters for a test, our UX team works to conceptualize and design test variations based on your strategy and brand standards.
  3. Pre- & Post-launch QA
    Our thorough QA processes ensure that our tests are not derailed by CSS discrepancies or broken JavaScript.
  4. Analysis & Reporting
    Brooks Bell analysts detail findings from test results, insights and provide recommendations for next steps.

Brooks Bell brings a data-driven methodology to new features. Developing new tests and variations is much more complicated than I thought. Our testing culture has changed from one based on opinions and ideas to pointing to data that says we definitely made the product better.”

— Jay Ramirez

Mobile Product Manager at Chick-fil-a

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We're experts in all major A/B testing technologies.

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