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Conversion Optimization Training

The gold standard in training for testing & personalization.

Build a successful optimization program by investing in your most valuable resource: your team.

Whether your team is completely new to testing, or you’re just looking to level-up their abilities, Brooks Bell’s training programs are guaranteed to teach actionable optimization skills that your team can apply immediately.

Product, marketing, analytics and engineering teams turn to Brooks Bell to learn:

  • The basics of customer-centric A/B testing: testing strategy, experiment sizing, hypothesis and Whypothesis™  design, and more.
  • Advanced practices like user research, data storytelling, and customer insight design.
  • Skills training in A/B test development, QA, analysis, and reporting—specific to your testing tool of choice.

Training Programs

  • Optimization Basics

    Our basic training program is designed to equip your team with a foundational understanding of website optimization and A/B testing strategy.

    Highlighted Programs

    • Intro to Testing
    • Intro to Behavioral Economics

  • Analytics Training

    Teams who participate in our analytics training programs walk away knowing the ins-and-outs of Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics, as well as critical skills for reporting test results and developing customer insights.

    Highlighted Programs

    • Uncovering Insights
    • Data Storytelling
    • Adobe Analytics for Testing
    • Google Analytics for Testing

  • Tech & Tool Training

    Optimizely, Adobe, Maxymiser and more—regardless of what optimization tool you’ve selected, we can help you get the most out of your technology investment. We’ll teach your developers how to design and develop experiments, how to use your testing software, best practices for QA and documentation and more—specific to your software of choice.

    Highlighted Programs

    • Server-Side Testing
    • Experiment Design & Sizing
    • QA & Documentation

We offer advanced training programs for experienced CRO professionals.

Our advanced training programs dive even deeper into optimization. Learn how to better brainstorm and prioritize test ideas, organize and analyze your customer data, conduct meaningful UX research and more. Some of our most popular programs include Pre-Test Data Analysis, User Experience Research. Test Ideation, OptimizelyX Power User and Adobe Target Power User Trainings.

Plus intensive boot camps for analytics teams and experimentation centers of excellence

These interactive, multi-day workshops provide hands-on experience in a specific area of testing and personalization, and direct access to Brooks Bell’s team of developers, strategists, analysts and data scientists.

Training programs built specific to your tool of choice.

Our team members are certified experts in nearly every major software platform for testing, personalization and analytics.

“Brooks Bell has been a breath of fresh air. They helped us understand our opportunities in digital and experimentation. But more importantly, they have been coaches. What surprised me the most, is their collaborative approach to problem solving. They are true partners.”

— Chris Chapo

VP Customer Data & Analytics at Gap Inc.

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