Video Testimonials

At Brooks Bell, we work hard to share our enthusiasm and expertise with our clients. But don't take our word for it! Let our clients explain how we've helped build and expand their testing programs for themselves.

Chick-fil-A – Jay Ramirez “Brooks Bell brings a data-driven methodology to (validating) new features. Developing new tests and variations is much more complicated than I thought. Our testing culture has changed from one based on opinions and ideas to (pointing) to data that says we definitely made the product better.”

  Gap Inc – Chris Chapo “Brooks Bell has been a breath of fresh air. They helped us understand our opportunities in digital and experimentation. But more importantly, they have been coaches. What surprised me the most, is their collaborative approach to problem solving. They are true partners.”

  Abercrombie & Fitch – Samantha Baker “Brooks Bell has helped impact our bottom line. We spend more time focusing on the testing program ... knowing they are doing great analysis and keeping the day-to-day going. Brooks Bell has gotten to know our (three) distinct brands ... and apply those unique insights into their analysis.”

  Toys R Us – Michael Vanderhoof “With a new role [overseeing desktop optimization] we really needed to rely on someone with expertise in the testing industry to help us understand the tools and develop our strategy.”

  Toys R Us – Victor Ortiz “[Brooks Bell has] been able to help us get deeper insights into a lot of our mobile applications and our optimized experiences.”

  Marriott – Lee Carson “Brooks Bell did an amazing job not just presenting the data points but also really telling the story of the Marriott testing program in a way that wasn’t captured in other assessments.”

  Dell Software – Troy Steen “The number one thing that differentiates Brooks Bell from other consulting firms is that Brooks Bell fits their expertise into your organizational structure and the way that you do business. ”

  AOL – Jen Towns “We looked at our testing and optimization programs over a two-year period. The program has performed 200x what we've paid Brooks Bell in return investment on the bottom line.”

  American Eagle – Jimmy Hunkele “What we value with the partnership is the fact that they are very strategic and help us drive our business. ”