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Conversion Rate Optimization Services for Travel & Hospitality Brands

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Today’s travel and hospitality brands have to evolve from tech-empowered to customer-centric

Do you remember when making travel arrangements required purchasing a travel guide? How about having to call a travel agent when booking a flight?

If you think about it, airlines, hotels and other travel businesses were among the first major consumer-facing industries to optimize by way of the Internet. What once required a lengthy paper trail and days of research and coordination, has become accessible with a few simple searches.

Regardless of how far the industry has come, today’s digital travelers aren’t tapering their expectations for booking travel. And while travel remains a high-consideration, high price purchase, customers still crave efficiency and relevancy out of their digital experiences.

Adding even more complexity, today’s travelers are also increasingly impulsive and on-the-go. A 2017 study by Google and Phocuswright suggests that more than 60% of U.S. travelers would consider an impulse trip based on a good hotel or flight deal. Additionally, a separate study by Travelport Digital found that 61% of travelers ‘nearly always’ or ‘sometimes’ use a smartphone app to book flights.

So, while booking hotels, airlines, cruises, rental cars and other travel-related experiences often require meticulous research, price comparisons and value assessments on the part of the customer, time is still of the essence.

After all, your customers can’t carpe diem if they never actually make a purchase.

We provide world-class website optimization services for top travel & hospitality brands.

Uncover Your Most Valuable Customer Segments

When it comes to crafting great digital experiences, understanding your customers is critical. But when you’re operating a global business with a lot of disparate data sources⁠—leveraging customer data to optimize your online experience is a lot easier said than done.

At Brooks Bell, our vision is to help you find the people behind the data. Through identifying and prioritizing your customer segments, we’ll help you understand which customer attributes and experience touchpoints lead to successful bookings. 

Map & Streamline Your Customer Journey

Applying data science and advanced statistical modeling, we’ll map out your customers’ journey to and through your site, identifying an optimal path for booking conversion. With this information, we can identify ways to streamline your customer journey, as well as key pages to optimize.

Optimize Your Conversion Rate Across Devices

Combining user experience research, analytics, and multivariate testing, we’ll uncover ways to tweak your website or app that will convert more browsers to buyers and reduce friction in the booking process—across mobile, desktop, tablet and even smartwatch users.

Personalize Your Booking Experience

Most digital consumers now expect some degree of personalization when interacting with brands online, but this is especially important for travel and hospitality brands. According to Google, 57% of U.S. travelers feel that brands should tailor their information based on personal preferences or past behaviors. Compounding this, 36% of U.S. travelers are likely to pay more in exchange for a more tailored experience.

Our personalization services range from strategic consulting to full-service execution. By joining your customer data with external data sources, we can create, test and launch data-driven personalization campaigns that will drive value for key customer segments and increase booking revenue.

Founded in 2003, Brooks Bell is a consulting firm focused exclusively on building world-class experimentation programs for enterprise brands. 

Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, we’ve spent the last 15+years helping companies better leverage their data, technology and workforce to solve digital challenges and deliver a better customer experience.

All of our engagements are focused on capacity building. That means, while we can do the work for you, we prefer to work alongside you.  This enables your team to take full ownership of your experimentation programs whenever you feel ready. Learn more about our approach.

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