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We believe there are three truths impacting the way brands interface with consumers today.

Customer expectations are constantly changing.

Customer expectation is not the same today as it was yesterday. There is no finish line to meeting customer expectation. It is not a destination. Instead, the goal is a relentless pursuit to continuously gain behavioral and emotional understanding of your customer from the signals that they send.

73% of consumers tried a new shopping method during the pandemic.

Brooks Bell “Consumer Sentiment Beyond 2020” Report, July 2021

Customers are sending signals across all digital and offline channels about what they want, how they want it, and what it takes to meet their expectations.

The good news is customers are interacting with brands across many channels. The challenge with this, however, is creating a culture that embraces curiosity, a process that strives for efficiency and agility, and goals that are free of political motivations and the desire to build fiefdoms.

Organizations who are agile enough to quickly address changing customer expectation will win.

We build insight-driven organizations. But it isn’t easy:

• It requires the right people doing the right things at the right time.
It requires a process built for agility and rooted in curiosity.
• It requires alignment in department KPIs and cross team communication and collaboration
• It requires properly utilized technology and systems.
• It requires attributable ROI to this change.

The issue most organizations deal with is not in the pursuit to optimize their experiences. The issue is in their own politics, silos, and processes of checks and balances that stymie transformative change.

We knew we had gaps but we didn’t know where they were within our team— let alone understand how to solve for them. Brooks Bell is helping us overcome process and measurement challenges while proving the case to build our team in strategic ways. With our partnership, we are many steps closer to our goal of capturing real-time insights and having the agility to apply them to our digital experiences.

— SVP Digital Marketing & Strategy

Global Financial Services Company

Brooks Bell provides everything organizations need to match this speed of change.