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Brooks Bell for Retail Brands

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In the face of fleeting loyalty, rising acquisition costs, and tightening budgets, many retailers face the challenge of maximizing the effectiveness of their marketing and CX without increasing spend.

For the last 20 years, Brooks Bell has partnered with some of the world’s leading retailers. As experts in analytics, user research, experimentation, personalization, organizational effectiveness and change, our work empowers clients to harness their data, people, process and technology to scale and optimize the metrics that matter.

Brooks Bell is a leader in this space. The quality of their service, personal attention, and responsiveness to our needs is top-notch. They continue to provide a high level of service and partnership that allows us to be successful. With their help, [our website] has achieved significant growth, and the impact to UX and our business is immeasurable.

— Director of Digital

Fortune 500 Retail Brand

Our services bridge the gap between brands and their customers.

  • Mixed Methods Research

    Leverage qualitative & quantitative research to uncover the motivations and needs of your customers.

    Example projects:

    • In-store vs. Online Customer Study
    • Concept & Prototype Testing
    • Brand Attachment
    • Messaging Analysis
    • Brand Affinity Mapping
    • Gap Analysis
    • Cognitive Mapping
    • Competitor Exploration
    • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Personalization & CRM

    Use data to engage, convert and retain your customers.

    Example Projects:

    • Segmentation Strategy & Priority
    • Cross-Channel Customer Journey Design & Optimization
    • CRM Strategy & Automation
    • Strategy Assessment & Opportunity Analysis
    • Customer Data Governance & Infrastructure

  • Analytics & Data Science

    Access deep insights on customer behavior & performance to empower more informed decision-making.

    Example Projects:

    • Predictive Modeling
    • Mixed Media Modeling
    • Dashboard Design 
    • Contact & Lead Scoring
    • Audience, Campaign, Behavioral & Media Analysis
    • Team Training
    • Attribution Modeling

  • Experimentation

    Optimize experiences to drive the metrics that matter; take a test- and-learn approach to innovation.

    Example Projects:

    • Testing Program Assessment & Opportunity Analysis
    • Strategic Planning & Goal Setting for Testing
    • Test Ideation & Roadmapping 
    • Custom Test and Learn Team Training
    • On-Going Testing Program Advisement

  • Organizational Effectiveness

    Discover better ways of working.

    • MarTech Selection & Adoption
    • Process Audit, Design, & Optimization
    • Cross-Functional Facilitation & Planning
    • Organizational Design & Measurement
    • Executive Coaching

  • Change Management

    Lead the charge to transform your organization.

    • Change Vision Design & Roadmapping
    • Pilot Program Design & Management
    • Change Strategy Advisement
    • Reorg Planning
    • Executive Coaching

Why partner with Brooks Bell?

Personalized Solutions

Many clients come to us disillusioned by the one-size-fits-all solutions offered by big consultancies, and seek the personalized attention and meaningful results that only a boutique firm can deliver.

Access to Elite Talent

Clients enjoy direct access to our top consultants, all of whom bring deep experience in their respective domains. Alongside our long-standing team members, we exclusively hire seasoned professionals to ensure unmatched quality and insight.

Focused on ROI

When bringing in a new agency partner, we know it’s important to prove ROI quickly. Our team is skilled at balancing both short- and long-term projects, and we love delivering quick wins and immediate successes to ensure the value of our partnership is clear from the outset and sustainable over time.


We love working with clients who share our vision of unlocking untapped potential within their organizations, and embrace customer-centricity while mitigating risk through a test-and-learn approach.

Our Work In Action

We build insight-driven organizations.

About us

We’re a boutique consultancy with a 20-year track record of success. Specializing in insight-driven transformation for retail brands, we’re dedicated to helping brands navigate complex marketing and customer experience challenges. With deep experience in analytics, experimentation, UX research, and organizational effectiveness, our team is uniquely qualified to advise on consumer behavior, experience design, and the intricacies of enterprise operations.