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We believe insights are the key to remarkable experiences.

It's our mission to build world-class insight cultures through consulting, research, and experimentation.

We’ve been driven to understand customers for nearly 20 years. With that tenure comes some beliefs.

We believe in discovering the people behind the data.

Those “visitor” numbers piling up in your analytics platform are more than data points. They are people. And they have intentions. Discovering your customer’s intent is one of the most rewarding outcomes of experimentation, and one of the most difficult.

We combine quantitative data with qualitative research to uncover customers’ motivations, actions and needs. Only then can we improve and personalize their journey, honoring their intent and creating a loyalty-inducing experience.

We believe that insights should create impact.

Understanding your customers should measurably improve your bottom line. Sometimes it’s through simple changes. Sometimes it’s through assumption-shattering insights that ripple through your entire organization.

Learn from every test, every research study, and every customer service call. Then iterate to find the balance between your customer’s agenda and that of your company.

Our journey.

The history, legacy and future of Brooks Bell.

It started in 2003.

That year, the Human Genome Project was completed, all of your friends had BlackBerries and “online testing” for most people conjured up thoughts of multiple-choice quizzes.

It was during this time that Brooks Bell found herself fascinated by the culture of testing everything at AOL. At the time, Brooks was designing pop-up ads and emails for the online powerhouse, which was still fighting the good fight with that startup Google.

Recognizing the value of experimenting to improve the user experience, and knowing that very few companies were testing, Brooks seized the opportunity to launch Brooks Bell, Inc.

Brooks Bell featured in Money Matters article

The original customer insights consultancy was born.

When asked why she started Brooks Bell, it’s clear to Brooks.

“Companies need to drive growth while also staying connected to their customers. I started this company because it was clear that experimentation was the best path to do both. And to do both at scale.” -Brooks Bell, CEO

Brooks’s vision was perfectly timed with the explosion of customer data, as well as technology that allows companies to quickly pivot strategies in a scientifically valid way. The internet is built for testing. So is Brooks Bell.

Building insight-driven organizations

Over the years, Brooks Bell has honed our client list, solutions, team and more. But we’ve never changed our original vision of creating programs that generate impact and helping organizations use their insights to become more customer centric.

Today, Brooks Bell is 50-experts strong with offices headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina and teammates all across the country.

While we were born of experimentation, we’ve expanded into creating meaningful change inside of organizations. Like the industry itself, we’ve evolved to build on insights to help clients stay connected to their customers. We continue to offer our deep technical knowledge, our white-glove customer service, our worldview grounded in analytics and, of course, our charming Southern hospitality.


Meet the Brooks Bell executive team.