From strategy to server-side

When it comes to your digital experimentation success, there’s not much we don’t do. In fact, our team is known for taking a holistic look at your data, maturity, challenges and goals, then creating a customized roadmap and scope of work for your business.

    • Need to develop better tests and improve ROI? Let’s talk.
    • Want a roadmap for implementing personalization? We’re on it.
    • Just took on your testing program and unsure where to begin? We can train you and your team.
    • Need a developer to get your server-side experiments launched? No problem.

Here’s a quick look at some of our services:

Program Building & Training

Whether your experimentation program has never gotten off the ground or you need targeted training for coming up with testing ideas or building your experimentation center of excellence, we can help! 

Not sure where to start? Brooks Bell’s Maturity Assessment looks at over 1000 individual data points to deliver a maturity score and a correlated, customized action plan that supports your goals.

Technical Diagnostics & Advanced Analytics

Tagging audits, technical integrations, unbiased software recommendations, even data clean-up and organization—Brooks Bell’s team of data scientists and analysts can do it all.

Need help jump-starting your personalization program? We can accelerate that and the usage of other tools. In fact, our analysts and developers are certification-holding experts in nearly every major and niche technology provider in the space (we even wrote the testing exams for Adobe Target). We’re platform agnostic and we partner closely with the tools your program is using.

We also have the ability to test on the server-side, which extends beyond desktops to any digital touchpoint, from native apps to voice-enabled technology. (IoT, OTT, all the Ts!) 

Staff Augmentation

If you’re looking to maximize your capacity, our team of experts are available on a full- or part-time basis to fill the gaps in your process or team. Bring on top developers, analysts and strategists to UX designers, project managers and QA specialists, all of whom specialize in testing and personalization.

Think all consultants are created equal? Not so. Our years of experience in testing give us the built-in mental framework to run testing programs in a way that is not only successful, but works for your business.

Research & Strategy

How well do you really know your customers? What about your competitors? Maybe your digital experience isn’t converting and you don’t know why. Or you can’t decide which test to prioritize, or how to scale.

We’ve got you covered. Our experts can help you understand your user’s behavior by eliciting qualitative and quantitative data through tried-and-true feedback methodologies.

We’re also known for our competitive intel that uncovers their strengths and weaknesses, then provides you content strategies and testing themes to improve your customers’ journey, increase your conversion rate and make you stand out from the competition.  

We’ll help you discover your edge and create a more successful user experience.

End-to-End Managed Services

Need to get an experimentation program up and running, like, yesterday? Let us do everything for you! With 15 years of experience, our team lives and breathes experimentation and will provide you with dedicated optimization experts who will get your experimentation program firing on all cylinders.

End-to-end managed services means access to the Brooks Bell braintrust for test ideation, execution and analysis. Think of it like the A-Team for your experimentation program. We’ll make sure your program is prioritized, successful, and most important, driving meaningful impact for your company.

Let’s chat. Contact us to find out how we can take your experimentation program to the next level.