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Advanced Data Analytics

Breakthrough customer insights you can trust.

Use advanced analytics and machine learning to engage, convert and retain your customers.

Go from information to insight.

Thanks to technology, you can now collect thousands of data points about your customers—but more data doesn’t necessarily translate to more insights.

Combining our knowledge of advanced analytics with behavioral science and psychology, we help our clients use data to design and test strategies for engaging, converting and retaining their most profitable customers.

With Brooks Bell, you can:

  • Find the people within the data; uncover answers to complex questions about your customers.
  • Know buying behaviors and key transition points within your customer journey.
  • Leverage personalization to drive conversions and increase loyalty.
  • Evolve from retrospective reporting to delivering experiences in real-time, based on customer behaviors.

Our approach to analytics is rooted in human behavior and illuminated by data science.

Our team has advanced degrees and backgrounds in mathematics, statistics, applied analytics and engineering. Using state-of-the-art tools and technologies, they’re able to use your data to derive powerful insights about your customers. Their work spans predictive modeling, advanced customer segmentation, journey optimization, attribution modeling, multivariate testing, pricing optimization and personalization.

Here's what you get when you work with Brooks Bell

  • Defined and prioritized customer segments

    Our data scientists are experts in finding the customer attributes that drive success for your business. We will work within your environment and use machine learning methodologies to transform data from internal and external sources to identify and prioritize your customer segments.

  • A deeper understanding of your customers' journey

    Using machine learning and statistical modeling, we’ll help you understand where your customers come from, how they move through your site, and where, how and why they convert.

  • A personalized customer experience

    We’ll use data to uncover your customers’ hidden needs and use this to develop and test personalization campaigns that identify which experiences move the needle.

  • A smarter testing strategy

    We’ll translate your customer data and business goals into a list of A/B test themes and ideas, prioritized based on things like revenue impact, level of effort and duration.

Brooks Bell has been a breath of fresh air. They helped us understand our opportunities in digital and experimentation. But more importantly, they have been coaches. What surprised me the most, is their collaborative approach to problem-solving. They are true partners.”

— Chris Chapo

VP Customer Data & Analytics at Gap Inc.

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