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Build An Insight-Driven Marketing & CX Tech Stack

Marketing and CX Technology & Tool Advisement

Don’t let clunky tech or bad data get in the way of good customer experience.

In order to really do personalization well, you need clean data, consistent tracking across all systems, and tools that connect seamlessly.  Easier said than done, right? But we can get you there.

What we do and how we help:

  • Assess your technology stack and data architecture against your goals.
  • Evaluate, select and transition to any new experimentation, cloud data infrastructure, marketing or personalization platform.
  • Ensure the integrity of your data across multiple platforms.

Our Services

  • Analytics Tag Audits

    Consistent and accurate tagging is critical to knowing who your visitors are, how they behave and measuring the effectiveness of your tests.

    Our analytics experts are available to provide an in-depth evaluation of your tag configuration, exploring known issues, uncovering unknown issues, and identifying the root causes. Additionally, we’ll provide actionable recommendations on best practices and additional behaviors to track.

    About to redesign? Enlist our team to perform user acceptance testing (UAT) to ensure what was there yesterday is there today.

  • Establish Data Governance and Maintenance Practices

    If the entire knowledge of your data and analytics implementation resides in one or two employee’s heads, this service is for you.

    We’ll work with you to develop an analytics tagging intake and maintenance process tailored to your business. From intake forms to automated auditing software, we can help build your governance and maintenance practice to ensure tracking is always ready for use.

  • Data Integration

    We’re skilled at building the necessary processes and systems to connect, organize and manage data in and out.

  • Tech & Tool Assessment

    Get the most out of your technology investment. We’ll assess and recommend changes to your technology stack, as your marketing grows in maturity and complexity.

Brooks Bell has been a breath of fresh air. They helped us understand our opportunities in digital and experimentation. But more importantly, they have been coaches. What surprised me the most, is their collaborative approach to problem-solving. They are true partners.”

— Chris Chapo

VP Customer Data & Analytics at Gap Inc.

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