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Website Personalization Consulting

Build, test and launch personalization strategies that delight your customers and drive revenue.

The pressure is on for personalization.

As more consumers flock to brands that deliver tailor-made experiences, business leaders are looking to their marketing, analytics and product teams to solve the puzzle of designing a personalization strategy that drives conversions and lifts KPIs.

But the true ROI of personalization lies in how successfully it provides value to your customers. That means when personalization is done right, it often results in a positive business outcome. But the goal of personalization should focus on solving a customer problem first. This customer-centric approach is what distinguishes a successful and holistic personalization strategy from ad-hoc campaigns with little success.

We approach personalization by diving headfirst into your customer data.

Our data scientists, strategists and analysts conduct specialized research and analysis to surface high-value segments and your customers’ hidden, unmet needs. We also test rigorously to identify which experiences will delight your customers and increase your revenue.

Throughout this, we’ll build the processes, skills and internal know-how to get other departments on-board with personalization and make it a bigger part of your business strategy.

What can Brooks Bell do for you?

  • Create a profitable personalization strategy and roadmap.
  • Organize your data to support a singular view of the customer and identify high-value customer groups.
  • Create and integrate robust data attributes to use in personalization campaigns.
  • Select and implement personalization technology.
Personalization is defined as any experience that is delivered to a user based on known data about that person.

By that definition, personalization exists on a spectrum: it can be one-to-few, one-to-many or one-to-one. In the digital environment, product recommendations, customized search results and even segmented experiences are all considered examples of personalization

Our Services

  • Deep Customer Research

    The best personalization starts with a deep understanding of your customer, who they are, what they need and how they prefer to interact with your brand. We’re skilled at using qualitative and quantitative research, data science and advanced statistical modeling to extract the critical insights required to create and launch a data-driven personalization strategy that creates value for your customers and your business.

  • Personalization Strategy

    Long term ROI for personalization cannot be realized by shooting from the hip. Instead, we use a measured, data-driven, cohesive strategy aligned to solving customer problems that derive positive business results.

    We’ll work with you to understand the data about your customers and translate those insights into testable personalized experiences.  Our experts will guide you on the appropriate type of personalization strategy to use, the types of experiences to create, and how to design, develop, execute and measure the success of each campaign.

  • Data Enrichment & Integration

    Default data attributes from black box software isn’t going to achieve your personalization goals. Data enrichment—creating useable data attributes that quantify your customer’s unique demographics, psychographics, firmographics and preferences in the context of your business—is the key to success.

    Our data scientists are experts in finding the customer attributes that drive success for your business. We will work within your environment and use machine learning methodologies to transform data from internal and external sources and ensure it is ready for use in personalized campaigns.

  • Tech & Tool Consulting

    Worried your tech stack can’t bear the weight of personalization?

    We’re experts at unsticking clients from technology confusion and refocusing them on launching campaigns.

    Whether you need help selecting a tool, demonstrating a proof-of-concept, conducting training or integrating with the stack, our team is ready to partner with you. We’re certified experts in nearly every major software provider for personalization, A/B testing and analytics. We’ll ensure you have the right tools and technology to launch and execute personalization at scale.  

  • End-to-End Personalization Execution

    Already have a tool in place but not sure where to start?

    We have years of experience running personalization campaigns for enterprise clients. If your internal team isn’t ready to execute yet, let us start accelerating the ROI for your technology investments today. Along the way, we’ll build and train your internal team so they can take over when they’re ready.

  • Analysis & Reporting

    The success of your personalization program depends on your ability to accurately measure performance and generate insights uncovered through deep analysis of the campaign. Personalization opens a new frontier into the world of modern statistical measurement techniques including frequentist, MVT, sequential, Bayesian and multi-armed bandits.

    Confused? Let our expert data scientists educate and guide you on the most appropriate measurement for your program. 

"The number one thing that differentiates Brooks Bell from other consulting firms is that Brooks Bell fits their expertise into your organizational structure and the way that you do business."

— Troy Steen

Manager of Analytics, eCommerce Optimization at Dell

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