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Brooks Bell announces early access to their newest offering, Academy

April 4, 2023

Suzi Tripp


Academy is Brooks Bell’s new e-learning platform designed to enable insight-driven organizations through curated and customized content. illuminate® account holders get early access.

RALEIGH, NC – April 5, 2023 – Brooks Bell, a consulting firm focused exclusively on building insight-driven organizations, has announced that all illuminate accounts will have early access to their newest offering, Academy.

Academy is an e-learning platform focused on helping testing and research teams share knowledge and upskill team members to keep pace with the rapid changes in customer expectations seen across industries today. Academy comes pre-loaded with course content, but there is tremendous value available for brands that want to customize and co-create their own specialized team curriculum with the expert help of the Brooks Bell team. 

“Businesses trying to create an insight-driven culture run into common challenges: onboarding, reskilling, and upskilling. We created Academy to solve those challenges and allow them to scale their teams and culture confidently,” says Brooks Bell VP of Solutions, Claire Mague. “Knowing that teams are getting the same knowledge the same way, gives leaders confidence that they are building the solid foundation they need.”

During the early access phase, people can view course and quiz content around topics like Foundations, Experiment Design, and Ideation –  with nearly 30 lessons available. Because it is available through illuminate, Brooks Bell’s free insights accelerator tool, Academy is also completely free during early access.

To access Academy, people should use their existing illuminate sign-in or create a new illuminate account here. More information about illuminate can be found on the landing page.


About Brooks Bell Inc.

Founded in 2003, Brooks Bell is a consulting firm focused exclusively on building insight-driven organizations. The consulting firm has spent nearly 20 years building world-class optimization programs and helping companies leverage data, human-centered design and technology to deliver a better customer experience. Brooks Bell drives organizational transformation, improves marketing effectiveness, and builds insight-driven cultures through consulting, data science, advanced analytics, customer research, and experimentation services. Building these capabilities enables teams to better understand their customers and generate attributable ROI for their strategic initiatives. Learn more at www.brooksbell.com.

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