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Brooks Bell Announces Launch of Illuminate, New Customer Insight Software for Web Experimentation Teams

May 15, 2018

The Brooks Bell Team


New SaaS Product Represents 14 year-old Consulting Firm’s Entrance Into Tech Space

Brooks Bell Inc. today announced the launch of Illuminate, a new software tool for web experimentation teams.

Built for data-driven companies that are relentless in their efforts to learn about their customers, Illuminate enables optimization professionals to organize their experiments, prove ROI, and develop and share high-impact customer insights across their organizations.

Features of the product include detailed, searchable experiment records, guided test brainstorming and collaboration tools, shareable case studies, a custom reporting dashboard, and a centralized place to record high-impact customer insights.

The new software represents a new endeavor for the consultancy, which was founded in 2003 in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The product is heavily shaped by Brooks Bell’s proprietary Insight Framework, a method of experimentation strategy, execution and evaluation developed out of the firm’s nearly fifteen years of experience in digital optimization.

“At Brooks Bell, we’re not just all about generating short-term wins for our clients,” said company Founder and CEO, Brooks Bell. “Rather, we’re passionate about helping these professionals learn from their tests. To do this, you have to think more deeply about your tests and what your outcomes could indicate about your customers,” said Bell. “Illuminate is designed to not only codify this type of thinking in software, but also unleash the value of experimentation within an organization.”

Currently, Illuminate is rolling out in a limited beta capacity, with a full launch set for later this year.

“It’s been great to see the excitement from our beta users surrounding Illuminate,” said Ikong Fu, Principal Product Manager for Illuminate. “Experimentation professionals have a front row seat to high-impact customer insights that would otherwise be buried in presentations or spreadsheets. In overseeing the beta program, our users are oftentimes surprised at the number of transferable insights they’re already sitting on, and are thrilled at their ability to easily share these insights across their organizations.”

Interested in learning more about Illuminate? Check out our website, request a demo or get information on applying to the beta program by contacting us.