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Brooks Bell Announces New, Free Version of A/B Testing Management Software illuminate®

June 10, 2020

Delisa Reavis


Updated Software Integrates with Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics

Raleigh, NC – June 10, 2020 – Brooks Bell, the technology-enabled agency dedicated to helping global brands build remarkable customer experiences through conversion rate optimization and personalization, today announced that the overhauled version of its experimentation program management software, illuminate®, is now generally available for free. illuminate helps optimization program leaders store, share, manage and learn from their testing and conversion rate optimization programs. Out of the gate, illuminate fully integrates with Adobe A4T to make it easy to connect and access Adobe Target and Analytics test data within the tool.

“We created the original version of illuminate 7 years ago when we realized there wasn’t a product on the market that helped experimentation teams organize and improve their programs,” said Greg Ng, Brooks Bell CEO. “illuminate is our response to that need, and our newest version incorporates the feedback and learnings from the thousands of tests that our team and clients have input into illuminate. It’s our most powerful, most insightful solution yet, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer it for free so that all testing teams can benefit.” 

illuminate solves the main challenges that plague optimization programs: 

  • Organization: illuminate provides a communal, searchable knowledge base for teams to store their A/B tests, results, roadmap and more
  • Collaboration: With unlimited users, illuminate creates a space to gather test ideas, upvote and share winning strategies to inform future tests  
  • Visibility: illuminate makes it easy to publicize testing wins via impeccably designed case study templates that can be shared with key stakeholders
  • Performance: The illuminate dashboard is fully customizable, enabling tracking of testing specific goals as well as the testing team’s influence on broader company goals
  • Customer Insights: Using Brooks Bell’s proprietary Insights Framework, our methodology for organizing your test outcomes, brainstorming and testing customer theories, and uncovering key insights about your customers.

“At Adobe, we work with hundreds of companies to power their optimization and personalization programs, but these companies often struggle to manage their programs and communicate the results they’re driving up the ladder,” said Adobe Target Group Product Marketing Manager Drew Burns. “illuminate provides a formula for these teams to elevate their testing programs, and we’re excited to see how illuminate will help Adobe Target customers scale.”

To find out more about illuminate, visit the website at https://www.brooksbell.com/illuminate/ or you can sign up for illuminate at https://www.illuminate.app/signup


About Brooks Bell Inc. Founded in 2003, Brooks Bell is a technology-enabled agency focused exclusively on solving complex business problems through experimentation for enterprise brands. We’ve spent the last 15 years building world-class optimization programs and helping companies leverage data and technology to deliver a better customer experience. All of our engagements are focused on generating consumer insights that can be utilized throughout organizations. We enable teams to take full ownership of their testing, personalization and analytics programs to become masters of their own experimentation success. www.brooksbell.com