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Brooks Bell Launches Inaugural Report, Setting Industry Standard for Experimentation Programs

July 15, 2020

Alyssa Branscome


New Report Series Offers Critical Benchmarking Data To Help Companies Grow Their A/B Testing Programs & Experimentation Culture

RALEIGH, N.C. – July 14, 2020 — Brooks Bell, the experimentation consulting firm, today released its inaugural State of Experimentation Report, revealing key trends in how enterprise organizations leverage digital experimentation to increase online revenue and improve the customer experience. This new publication will serve as a performance benchmark for digital testing programs, arming testing leaders with the industry data needed to convince executives to invest further in optimization.

The inaugural report analyzes 500 tests run in 2019, serving a cross-section of experiments from diverse industries including retail, finance, and travel. According to the report, of the 500 tests analyzed, 35% were declared winners—meaning the test experience was statistically proven to increase conversion or engagement—while only 11% were declared outright losers.

“Experimentation is critical to building insight-driven organizations. As the field continues to evolve, it’s critical that digital leaders regularly benchmark their experimentation efforts,” said Gregory Ng, CEO of Brooks Bell Inc. “For many companies, understanding your testing teams’ performance in the context of the broader industry enables them to prioritize their investments. A 35% industry win rate is a powerful benchmark of comparison and potential counterpoint against a commonly cited fear among executives that website experimentation risks negatively impacting digital revenue,” Ng said.

All the data for this report was sourced from illuminateⓇ, Brooks Bell’s free A/B testing program management software. illuminate was created to help testing leaders run a more organized and impactful experimentation program. The platform enables users to create a searchable library of past, current and future tests, track progress toward program KPIs and company goals, and build, store and quickly share interactive A/B test reports, case studies, and customer insights.

To find out more about illuminate, visit https://www.brooksbell.com/illuminate/

Access the State of Experimentation Report here


About Brooks Bell Inc. Founded in 2003, Brooks Bell is a technology-enabled consulting firm focused exclusively on solving complex business problems through experimentation for enterprise brands. We’ve spent the last 15 years building world-class optimization programs and helping companies leverage data and technology to deliver a better customer experience. All of our engagements are focused on generating consumer insights that can be utilized throughout organizations. We enable teams to take full ownership of their testing, personalization, and analytics programs to become masters of their own experimentation success. www.brooksbell.com