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Brooks Bell Releases Free UX Research Feature to Help Brands Leverage Consumer Insights

May 23, 2022

Suzi Tripp


Brooks Bell rolls out new feature to help brands transform the way they store, share and use tests and user research to garner consumer insights and ultimately strengthen results

RALEIGH, N.C. — May 24, 2022 — Brooks Bell, the consulting firm focused exclusively on building insight-driven organizations, has announced the release of the UX Research (UXR) feature in illuminate®, Brooks Bell’s free insights accelerator.

With Pandemic-era substitutes like buy online, pickup in store (BOPIS), delivery and curbside now expected options for consumers, brands are tasked with the challenge of keeping up with constantly changing habits and needs. In order to create impactful customer engagement, organizations must rely on insights gathered from consistent testing, research and experimentation to make decisions that will drive ultimate success. 

Maximizing the impact of insights across an organization is a challenge. With the addition of the UXR feature to illuminate®, brands are better able to efficiently document and leverage data from studies to uncover consumer insights that can help companies truly transform and make strategic business decisions. 

“At Brooks Bell, we run top-tier testing and UXR programs, so we know the struggles that come along with driving and maintaining them,” said Suzi Tripp, VP of Insights at Brooks Bell. “We’ve solved our own challenges with illuminate® and are thrilled to announce the addition of this new capability to our free resource as we support organizations that share our obsession for customer insights.”

Details of the UX Studies feature include the following:

  • UXR Studies are broken into 4 components: Study Design, Insights, Areas of Focus and Supporting Data
  • The information entered is used to automatically create a sharable study brief with one click
  • The insights from a study are part of the brand’s larger Insights repository, creating an insight-focused, single source of truth
  • Individual insights are linked to the tests and/or research that fueled them, creating a powerful feedback loop
  • The Brooks Bell Insight Framework, which includes Insight Altitude® and Insight Confidence®, can be applied to provide helpful context for each insight uncovered
  • Studies are stored in a brand’s Research repository with easy to use sort, filters and search functions

“It’s really all about the democratization of insights and qualitative research when managing experimentation programs – both of which yield countless customer insights,” said Natalie Daigle, Manager of Solutions with a focus on UX Research at Brooks Bell. “This new UXR feature allows teams to easily locate those insights to drive strategy and business decisions without rummaging through countless decks.”

To learn more about Brooks Bell’s new UX Research feature and create a free illuminate® account, visit https://www.brooksbell.com/illuminate/.


About Brooks Bell

Founded in 2003, Brooks Bell is a consulting firm focused exclusively on building insight-driven organizations. The consulting firm has spent the last 18 years building world-class optimization programs and helping companies leverage data, human-centered design and technology to deliver a better customer experience. Their engagements are focused on generating consumer insights that can be utilized effectively throughout organizations. Brooks Bell enables teams to take full ownership of their testing, personalization, analytics and user research programs to become masters of their own experimentation success. Learn more at www.brooksbell.com.

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