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Next-Level Strategies for Optimizing the Travel & Hospitality Customer Experience

Many trips today start with a click. But in an oversaturated market of travel sites and aggregators, how do you make sure consumers come to you for bookings and stick with you for the long run? How do you cater to the needs and expectations of today’s hyper-connected travelers?

In this webinar, we deep dive into several use cases that will resonate with every travel brand. From optimizing the experience to encourage retention, to reversing high abandonment rates via boosting ancillary sales — we’ll give concrete examples of how brands can leverage customer intelligence to improve the experience and their conversion rate.

In this 30-minute, pre-recorded webinar, you’ll learn strategies for:
  • Reversing customer frustration
  • Turning browsers into bookers
  • Reducing abandonment rate
  • Increasing revenue and customer lifetime value

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