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Video: How to Prioritize Your Customer Segments for Personalization

Let’s be honest–no company has personalization completely figured out yet. In fact, half the battle can be determining when, where and to whom you should be personalizing.

Join Brooks Bell Sr. Optimization Analyst Shana Braun in this webinar, where she dives into how we helped our client, Mint Mobile, uncover and prioritize its personalization plan via a Segment Priority Analysis.

This complex analysis groups customers using technographic attributes and evaluates the potential impact of testing on each segment. The end result: customer segments that would benefit the most from personalization are identified, prioritized and road-mapped.

Check out the webinar to learn: 

  • Strategies for thinking about and analyzing your customer segments  
  • Indicators that a customer segment would respond well to personalization
  • How Mint Mobile uses this type of analysis for personalization

Watch the video