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Conquer Your Biggest Testing Challenges

Regardless of whether we’re working with a new or established testing program, we find they all face common enemies:

Pressure to deliver results; inefficient processes; a lack of understanding and support for testing; difficulty iterating on and applying learnings from test results; and, of course, retaining and growing their budget for testing.

In this four-part video series, you’ll hear from Suzi Tripp, Sr. Director of Innovative Solutions at Brooks Bell, Jonathan Hildebrand, our Sr. Director of Design & UX, and Claire Schmitt, our VP of Strategic Consulting and Solutions.

Together, they’ll discuss tips and tricks for:

  • Storing and Learning from Previous Tests
  • Collaborative Ideation / Strategizing Better Tests
  • Communicating Testing Insights Up The Ladder
  • Retaining and Growing Testing Budget

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