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Unlocking Change At Scale

New strategies for leaders to push their organization beyond pockets of innovation to actual enterprise-wide transformation.

Introducing our latest pre-recorded session hosted by Dan Romanow, Director of Strategic Consulting and head of our Change Management practice at Brooks Bell.

Over 45-minutes, this webinar explores the critical components of operationalizing transformation initiatives. We also provide practical insights, provide proprietary resources, and share real-world case studies sourced from our 20+ years of experience leading insight-driven change.

Tailored for established and up-and-coming marketing or CX leaders, the session covers:

  • How to define success and gain organizational excitement around transformation initiatives.
  • Change management strategies to shift mindsets and behaviors across the organization.
  • Navigating the adoption curve and gaining alliances throughout the organization.
  • How to recalibrate performance standards and management practices to reinforce new behaviors and activities.
Dan Romanow, Director of Strategic Consulting at Brooks Bell

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