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Behavioral Economics In Action: Four Key Principles To Increase Your Website Conversions

Is your digital experience built for real shopper behavior?

When building a product or website, we often assume our customers will behave logically. But in reality, they largely don’t. The good news is that this irrational behavior is surprisingly predictable.  

In this ebook, we’ve partnered with FullStory to outline four key behavioral economics principles that you can use to build an emotionally resonant, intuitive and high converting digital experience.

You’ll learn:

  • How to reduce choice overload so shoppers find their perfect product with ease.
  • How leading brands use social proof to inform customers and reduce purchase anxiety
  • How you can successfully leverage behavioral economics principles to increase conversion
  • How to apply FullStory’s EPIC framework to uncover, test and improve the pitfalls in your digital experience

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