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Secrets of the 2021 Shopper: Where they shop, when they browse, what they’re buying and what matters most this season.

Our final industry report of 2021 provides business decision-makers with the data-driven insights necessary to inform experimentation and personalization efforts that lead to satisfying holiday customer experiences.

We surveyed more than 900 U.S. consumers who shared their plans for when, where, and what matters most when it comes to holiday shopping. 

What you’ll find inside:

-Are your teams planning for big gains during promotional holiday shopping?  See what consumers are saying about their holiday spending plans.

-What items are customers more likely to shop in-store for? And, what attributes are they looking for in the in-store experience? 

-Product recommendations from brands influences purchasing power for some segments-read the report to uncover who they are and these recommendations affect gift-giving.  

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