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White Paper

The Six Pillars of A Successful A/B Testing Program

At Brooks Bell, we’ve found that implementing a testing program is one of the most practical, effective means of building a culture that embraces data as a tool for decision making.

In this white paper, you’ll learn about the six key factors that determine the success of an optimization program, how they work together and strategies for improvement.

  1. Culture: Is testing embraced at all levels and across all digital teams? Is it a priority and a prerequisite for change?
  2. Team: Does your team structure enable them to test throughout? Does your team have influence within the organization? Does your team have the required skills for testing?
  3. Process: Have you implemented a standard process? Is it efficient? Scalable? Does it minimize slowdowns?
  4. Strategy: Are your tests aligned with your strategic priorities? Are your KPIs the right time horizon? Do you have a shared prioritization method?
  5. Performance: Are you measuring your program performance & ROI? Are you using past learnings to continually improve?
  6. Technology: Do your optimization tools allow you to scale with business needs? Is your data democratized and trusted?

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