5 Must-Read Optimization Posts for the Week of May 13

What happens when humans, not an algorithm, decide what news headlines some 167 million readers see? In a series of recent articles, Gizmodo explores Facebook’s profoundly influential role in shaping the stories that are read, discussed, and shared online. Facebook says that trending topics are chosen by an algorithm; a former Facebook employee says they routinely suppressed news stories of interest to conservative readers. Read the latest: Facebook admits its trending section includes topics not actually trending on Facebook [Update: Zuck speaks]

Chief Marketer. 6 tips for the perfect customer journey. Learn about the five customer W’s plus four more rules for a seamless customer journey.

Neuromarketing. Confused customers cut conversions. Why do luggage retailers do such a terrible job describing their products to would-be customers? And what can you learn from their mistakes?

Shopify. 99 beautiful ecommerce website designs. A smart and elegant ecommerce site can significantly improve your customers’ shopping experience. Here are 99 examples, organized into 12 categories, to inspire you.

User Testing Blog: 4 risky personalization tactics that can make or break your CX. If you’re considering one of these personalization methods to improve your customer experience, tread carefully.

Quote of the Week: “To be absolutely clear, I am not sure that Facebook has some sort of moral responsibility to us necessarily, but we should be wary, for sure. It is not transparent; it is unclear how they operate.” –Molly Wood on Marketplace

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