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Supercharge Your Test Strategies with Proven UX Methods



UX Research MethodsEveryone loves a winning test, especially when it provides a significant increase in revenue and unique insight into user behavior. Coming up with ideas for tests that produce such amazing results—week after week, quarter after quarter—however, is a challenge. Utilizing a standard methodology for ideation helps enforce consistency in test strategies over time, but even with an excellent, experienced, cross-functional team developing a queue of ideas, there’s still a risk strategies may stagnate.

To assemble the puzzle of a great test strategy—and to be able to reassemble that puzzle time and again—we need to develop a thorough understanding of the user, his or her task, and the environment in which this task takes place. It’s the difference between assembling a puzzle and assembling a puzzle with all the pieces turned upside down.

Fortunately, there are three proven methods from UX research we can use to inform testing strategy—methods that provide valuable insight into each unique piece of the UX puzzle:

  • User needs analysis: A method designed to identify the characteristics of a website’s visitors.
  • Task analysis: A method used to identify the paths through which users achieve their goals.
  • Environment analysis: A method that identifies the internal and external factors influencing user behavior.

You could enroll in a UX graduate program and write a dissertation on any one of these methods, or you could download our quick reference guide. In just a few pages you’ll get an understanding of each method, an outline of how you can use it, and a jumpstart on developing fresh new test ideas.

Download 3 UX Research Methods to Enhance Your Testing Strategy today!