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Lead, Manage and Grow a Successful A/B Testing Program With Our Free Software


We’re thrilled to announce the re-launch and re-design of illuminate, our program management software for experimentation leaders.

As a part of this launch, illuminate is now 100% free. That means regardless of if you’re leading a large optimization team, or you’re a lone wolf preaching the gospel of testing within your company, our proprietary software is now available to you absolutely free.

It’s important to note that illuminate is not just another A/B testing tool. It’s program management software built specifically to meet the needs of experimentation leaders like you. Think of it as something that replaces all the haphazard ways you’ve hacked together Jira, Excel and Powerpoint (or any other similar systems) to manage your testing program. 

More importantly, illuminate is the only tool that’s been vetted, built, re-built and refined by enterprise A/B testing practitioners–as one of the leading experimentation consultancies, our team at Brooks Bell deeply understands and has faced many of the same challenges that you’re facing today.

With today’s launch, illuminate is now the only free A/B testing program management tool in the market to help you lead, manage and grow your experimentation program

With illuminate, you can: 

Get aligned. Invite your team members and other contributors to collaborate on your A/B testing roadmap and strategy. 

Create a searchable library of past, current, and future A/B tests. Build individual test records, add screenshots, attach results as well as any customer insights or learnings as you go along. 

Search and view test information at a glance. Our new Gantt chart, kanban board, and preview-pane view options enable you to access high-level information about any individual test or group of tests.

Track the performance of your testing activities against both program-specific and organizational KPIs, such as revenue or account creation. 

Access all of your customer insights and A/B test learnings in one place. Organize these insights by brand, device, segment or any other relevant filters.

Create and share case studies and reports: Don’t bury your big wins or aha moments in a spreadsheet. Use illuminate to build interactive A/B test reports and dazzling case studies your executive team will love. Create a public sharing link to share these case studies across your company. 

While the value illuminate provides is the same, we’ve made some additional updates

We’ve overhauled the UI and made the platform more flexible to meet your program’s unique needs. We’ve also increased the number of team members or contributors you can invite to your illuminate account and added new administrative controls so you can manage their level of access.

We’ve rolled out an exciting new integration with Adobe Target, so A4T users can access that data directly within the platform. And then there’s the whole offering-it-for-free thing — we think that’s pretty neat, too.


But this is really just the tip of the iceberg – there are tons of new features and many more ways illuminate can add value to your experimentation program. The best way to really understand it is to take it for a spin. So go ahead – create your free account, invite your team, add a few tests, create some case studies, and let us know your thoughts.